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Bridgeland Motorcycles Murray Bridge

About Bridgeland Motorcycles

The South Australian Community has been served by Bridgeland with the leading name brands in Motorcycles for many years.

Bridgeland has defined itself bringing customers a new experience - The Spirit of Freedom.

Many changes have been introduced to assist Bridgeland customers achieve a great experience.

Bridgelands extensive building project in 2007 more than doubled the size of the premises allowing a more comprehensive range to be displayed.

The commercial re-development of Bridgeland provided customers with a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing place to shop.

Our showroom offers the ease of viewing vehicles side by side in air-conditioned state of the art decor.

Bridgeland is unique in the industry with three premium brands - Honda - Suzuki - Yamaha 

An easy drive, only 40 minutes on the freeway from Adelaide, many people are opting to come where they can make their own choice.

Bridgeland offers unbiased information without having to push just one brand onto you. This enables you, the purchaser the freedom to make your own decision on the most suitable vehicle for your purpose, without wasting valuable time and money travelling to and fro.

Bridgeland work hard to maintain its fair share of market in the industry. Competitive pricing and sincere customer service are paramount for the local community and beyond.

With the use of the web and internet advertising, Bridgeland have forged outside their prime market area, often sending units interstate, so don't let distance discourage you.

Bridgeland is here to supply your needs on the road and dirt with the reliability of the big name brands in the industry.

Motorcycles and Side-by-Side vehicles from Honda, Suzuki & Yamaha all backed up by Genuine Parts and Accessories.

Bridgelands well trained sales staff prioritise after sales customer care and are available to assist you get what you need for work or play.

Bridgeland Authorised Service Department facilities have been upgraded and the workshop enlarged.

Want the bike but running short of cash to purchase what you want? Bridgeland offer you easy and competitive rate finance available through Yamaha Motor Finance, Honda Financial Services and Suzuki Finance.

To protect your investment, Bridgeland offer Insurance available through Honda Motorcycle Insurance, Suzuki Motorcycle Insurance and Yamaha Motorcycle Insurance.

Bridgeland are here for you and - Bridgeland is all about you - the customer - and your experience - because if it is good for you then it is good for Bridgeland too.

BRIDGELAND - Giving you the choice - The Spirit of Freedom